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Amarcord Vintage's Owner on Leaving Soho and Setting Sights on Williamsburg

Amarcord Vintage Fashion

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And another Soho store bites the dust. After 10 years, vintage mainstay Amarcord Vintage Fashion will shutter its Lafayette Street location, owner Patti Bordoni announced via email today, due to Soho's ever-increasing rents.

"We're not the only ones succumbing to what's going on in Soho," Bordoni told Racked Monday afternoon. "These beautiful stores just have to give up because of the crazy rent these people are asking. New York is becoming less intriguing and interesting...all of the cool, little stores are closing. It's a pity."

Luckily for Bordoni, she sees a little bit of Soho's magic in Williamsburg, where she already has an existing outpost on Bedford Avenue. That location has closed its doors as of yesterday so that the space can be majorly overhauled. "The neighborhood has changed a lot, [and] I think the crowd is ready for higher-end vintage. We'll mix the high-end merchandise that used to sell in Soho with the best of the funky, eclectic collection that Williamsburg offered."

So you can expect a mashup of European designers the store has always focused on, now just integrated with the Americans designers that will go with its aesthetic. "Gucci, Versace, Prada, Missoni, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and other not-so-popular designers like Max Mara, Ferragamo..." Bordoni rattled off brands shoppers can expect to find littered among the racks of eclectic pieces that aren't necessarily from a major fashion house but still in style and inspirational (and less expensive, too).

"In a few blocks' radius from our store, you have beautiful stores like Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Sabon, Levi's, Dr. Marten's, Bird, and the anxiously awaited Apple Store, Whole Foods and Barneys' Co-Op," she said. "That's why we are focusing on enhancing our presence there. Williamsburg is the new Soho."

Bordoni sympathizes with store owners looking to build a business without a budget. "Real estate is making it really hard for up-and-comings or startups to find a location. Whatever's affordable [in terms of rent], then you might not have the traffic, or you might not have the right exposure. It's really hard to find a neighborhood now where you can start and thrive."

Amarcord will remain open on Lafayette Street until mid-April, and when the Williamsburg store re-opens right around the same time, it will be with a completely fresh, never-before-seen collection. As for a moving sale of any sort, stay tuned — Bordoni hasn't decided quite yet, but we're crossing our fingers.

Amarcord Vintage Fashion

252 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012, USA