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Tibi Once Again Ditches New York Sample Sale to Go Online

Backstage at Tibi spring 2016
Backstage at Tibi spring 2016
Daniel C. Sims/Getty Images

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Tibi's sample sales in New York City are now just a distant memory. The brand first pulled back last spring when its event moved to Connecticut and then off the map completely when it transitioned online last fall, and today it's back to their website to clear out excess merchandise.

Our sister site has highlighted the best picks from this sale, which include a silk camisole for $45 (from $225), an asymmetrical skirt for $125 (from $505), and a furry bomber jacket for $159 (from $795). Shoes are mentioned as well, but none of those $25 sample shoes from this event's glory days make an appearance here — in fact, the cheapest pairs you'll find are a few varieties of mules for $75.

Browse around the sale to see what else you'll find, or stick to IRL shopping with all of the New York City sample sales taking place this week, which include James Perse and Comptoir des Cotonniers.