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Pearl River Mart Really and Truly Closes This Week

Opening Ceremony/Facebook

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Get your last visits in now: Eleven months after Pearl River Mart first announced that a five-fold rent hike was forcing it out of its Broadway home, the shop known for its affordable home goods is really closing its doors for good this month.

EV Grieve snapped a photo of the staff over the weekend as part of a farewell to longtime downtown businesses and mentioned that it'll close this week; a phone call to the store just now confirmed that its last day of business will be Sunday, March 6th. Previously, we heard that it was planning to shutter on or around February 10th, so New York City shoppers were blessed with a few extra weeks of browsing its multi-level mecca for all things Chinese.

Store owners previously indicated that they were looking to maintain a retail presence in the city (albeit a smaller one) by opening in a less expensive area, but there's no word on how that's been coming along. For the time being, shoppers can get their Pearl River fix via e-commerce or its collaboration with Opening Ceremony, pictured above.

Pearl River Mart

477 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 (212) 431-4770