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Only Holiday Candles and Perfumes Remain at the Diptyque Sample Sale

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The Diptyque sample sale has been eventful, to say the least. The sale was pretty much wiped out during the weird preview, and by the time we made it inside during public hours (after a two-hour wait in the cold), there weren't many standard candles and we were hard-pressed to find some of the mini varieties. But there was a ton of everything else: scented ovals ($25), diffusers ($80), body care, fragrances, and standard holiday candles ($35) — especially those holiday candles.

We popped into the sale this morning just after doors opened for its second day to see what the selection looks like now. The good news? There is still tons to shop. The bad news? It's mostly holiday candles and fragrances. It does appear that new fragrances were added to the mix in the smaller size, as well as more Ambre room sprays and Figuier scented ovals.

Click through the gallery above to see what's left, and if you still plan to check the sale out before it ends tomorrow — that is, if it's open; this sale has closed early in the past due to sellout — let us know how you fare in the comments.