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Can Victor Cruz and Michael Strahan Save the New York Giants Coach's Terrible Style?

Strahan and Cruz at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015
Strahan and Cruz at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

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After a dozen years of Tom Coughlin, the New York Giants have a new head coach in Ben McAdoo. What the hell does that have to do with fashion? you're probably wondering right now. A lot, actually: When the 38-year-old was bumped up from his offensive coordinator position in January, his crazy oversized suit got more attention than his promotion.

To be fair, the ridicule wasn't totally deserved. McAdoo later said that a recent 60-pound weight loss and the quick manner in which he was hired didn't allow him to buy a new 'fit, or at least hit up a tailor, in time for the press conference. But this is New York, man — you gotta show up looking good, or at least not terrible. Luckily, he doesn't need to look far for fashion advice.

"The funny thing is I had a conversation with him and the first thing he brought up was ‘Man you gotta help me with this suit,'" Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz, whose fashion creds include a Givenchy campaign and a 3x1 collab, told the New York Post yesterday evening.

"I saw [former Giants defensive end] Michael Strahan shortly after that and Strahan advised me that he had it covered," he added. "He was going to send him a couple suits from his line at JCPenney. He is going to hook him up."

But copping the styles of Cruz and Strahan — who have the outsized personalities to pull off, say, a look like this — isn't the answer for McAdoo. Finding your style is an internal journey, especially when a significant weight loss opens up a ton of possibilities. Tips are helpful, sure, but the head coach needs to carve his own niche. Will he be a J. Crew man? Will he hire an intern to stand in line for Supreme drops? Or will he lean on someone like Indochino or Domenico Vacca to get those suits in order?

Considering that Coughlin, the charming Grandpa who'd get red in the face when things weren't going well for his team (which, let's face it, was most of the past few seasons), basically stuck to a team windbreaker and baggy khakis both on and off the field, McAdoo doesn't have to do much to sartorially rise above his predecessor.