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Glossier's Instagrammable Showroom Is Open to the Public for Phase 2


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Glossier fans, rejoice! The brand's penthouse showroom will open its doors to the public for the next three weekends — starting this Saturday, March 19th — for customers to check out and purchase its just-released Phase 2 makeup in person. That includes lipsticks in four different shades and concealers in five, plus the previously-released Boy Brow eyebrow product.


Image courtesy of Glossier

This is a strategy that has previously worked out well for the brand that grew from founder Emily Weiss's blog, Into the Gloss. Last year, Weiss personally greeted customers on summer Friday afternoons who came by to play with Glossier's Phase 1 skincare products, including a priming moisturizer, a skin tint, the Balm Dot Calm lip salve, and face masks (there was a trippy art installation, too).

If you can't attend right away, you'll have the last weekend in March and the first weekend in April to get your hands on Glossier's latest product offerings before buying them. The penthouse will be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 6pm, so pick your weekend and RSVP here.


123 Lafayette Street, New York, NY