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The Jack Rogers Sample Sale Has Leather Shoes for $5.99

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The Jack Rogers sample sale is already well underway this week, so we headed over to the brand's midtown showroom to see what was left after Tuesday's opening day. We stopped by an hour or so after they opened, but it wasn't super crazy — yet. We were told there was a huge rush yesterday, so be prepared for crowds at peak times.

You'll see the jewelry as soon as you check your bag by the entrance. Bangles, necklaces, and charms are available starting at $5.99, and there are $1.99 iPhone cases here, too.

All sample sizes are in the middle of the main room, and all sample signature collection shoes are only $5.99 (score!). But there's a catch — all samples are a size 6. You'll also find sample closed-toe leather flats in the center bins for $19.99, again only in 6s.

Leather boots are stacked up against the front window. Low boots and booties are $59.99 and come in size 5 through 11. Tall boots ($79.99) can also be found here. There are some size 6 sample boots available in bins just outside the showroom as well ($49.99). Regular stock shoes ($49.99) are on shelves around the room and come in all sizes.

Apparel and handbags can be found in the next room. We spotted multiple colors of pants from Fabrizio Gianni (starting at $29.99) and some tops from Gretchen Scott ($49.99). All leather Jack Rogers handbags are $59.99 and can be found on shelves at either end of the room. Be sure to also check out the scarves (starting at $29.99) and the $5.99 bin.

The showroom will be restocked tomorrow. There's no fitting room here, so be prepared to slip pieces over your clothes to try on. Only credit cards are accepted for payment. Check out the Dealfeed below for more on this sale.