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The Milly Sample Sale Has New, Lower Prices for Its Final Days (Update)

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Update: Prices at this sale will be reduced beginning Thursday morning. Tops, sweaters, and skirts will be $35—$50, jackets and coats will be $95—$129, and dresses (excluding special occasion) will be $75. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery captions above.

Milly is back with another sample sale this week. Just like last year, it's full of color, textures, and prints. There are pieces from all seasons, meaning you'll find everything from swimwear to shaggy coats. We headed over to the Garment District sale space to check it out a few minutes before the doors opened at 11am, and there was already a line formed at the entrance.

Everything here is a true sample, so sizing can be a bit unclear because items aren't marked. We noticed prices were a bit higher than last year — roughly $20 more per item — and the racks were fully stocked with lots of funky pieces. The first section you'll see is the girls' collection. Skirts ($29), dresses ($49), and tops ($29) were bright and mostly embellished.

The 80s were alive and well in the women's dress section. You'll find both special occasion gowns ($249) and more casual styles ($99) in the style of the Material Girl herself. We spotted tons of texture, like full feathered skirts, neon-beaded tribal motifs, and lots of lamé — check out the gallery above to see more.

In the center of the store, skirts and matching sets are on the racks and against the wall. Most of what we saw were brightly-printed cropped tops ($49) with matching midi and full-length A-line skirts ($60—$129). There are also plenty of bra tops ($49) with matching shorts ($59) and boleros ($49). The only pants we came across were next to the fitting room, including wide leg trousers in various prints and materials ($69) that also had matching tops ($49) and jackets ($129).

Coats ($179), jackets ($129), and sweaters ($69-—$89) were against the back window. There were many styles that we remembered from last year, including a shaggy blue looped sweater. Our favorites were a mesh jacket in both white and black and a cocoon-shaped lime scuba jacket (both pictured above and $129 each).

As for accessories, there is a section full of purses and clutches ($49). You'll also find women's and girls' swimwear and cover-ups ($19—$29) in sample sizes.

Leave yourself some time for a possible wait at the door, as well as at the changing rooms so you can make sure those samples really fit. See the Dealfeed below for more details on when you can stop by.