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The Brightly-Colored Asics Sample Sale Just Got Some Price Cuts (Update)

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Update: As of Thursday morning, prices at this sale have been "further reduced," but the sale host hasn't specified new prices or an extra discount — if you stop by, let us know what you find! Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery above.

The Asics sample sale is back at it again at 260 Fifth Avenue, and the doors opened to the public at 9am. We popped in to preview the discounted merchandise yesterday evening and found tons of lightweight and brightly-colored sneakers, shorts, tees, and tank tops for up to 80% off retail prices, meaning that everything is priced under $50 — not bad, right?

Men's merchandise is along the left side of the room, women's is on the right, and kids' sneakers are in bins in the middle of the room toward the back, near the racks and racks of adult neon-hued sneakers. Unlike last year, sneaker pricing is uniform: both men's and women's shoes are $39.99, while kid's are $19.99.

In the women's apparel section, there are neon-hued tank tops ($12.99), long-sleeved ($19.99) and short-sleeved shirts ($8.99), shorts ($14.99), and skirts and dresses (both $19). We didn't see very many sports bras ($14.99), and the capri ($16.99) and legging selection ($19.99) was pretty slim as well. There were a few hoodies and jackets (both $19), but not many in the mix.

For men, there are a lot of options for tee shirts ($8.99), tank tops ($12.99), and running shorts ($14.99), with a smattering of jackets and hoodies (both $19) on the racks. Along the side of the room by the registers are bins of underwear, visors, and running accessories, all for under $10 apiece; socks are $4.99.

Click through the gallery above to see a few photos of what to expect, and check out the Dealfeed below for more information on when you can stop by.