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Spring's Arrival Is Preceded By Next Week's Jack Rogers Sample Sale

Jack Rogers/Facebook

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The Jack Rogers sample sale couldn't be better tied to the outburst of spring weather New York is suddenly experiencing. Beginning next Tuesday, March 15th, the brand will offer its shoes, clothing, bags, and more for up to 75% off retail prices from its midtown offices.

When we checked out this sale last summer, there were an abundance of samples for those with tiny feet wearing size 6 or smaller, but those who wear larger sizes weren't left out in the cold. The classic Jack sandals were about $50 (from $118), while flip flops were $10, jelly sandals were $20, and flats were $30. Across the board, nothing really cost more than $60 bucks.

Shoppers will also find clothing and accessories from other brands, including Archerie, CP Shades, Elizabeth Gillett, and, Matta available for purchase at similar discounts. To see when you can stop by next week, check out the Dealfeed below.