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Live From Outside the Diptyque Sample Sale

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Shannon Kennard

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Happy Diptyque Day! Racked reporter Shannon Kennard is on the ground outside of C21 Edition to check out the madness before the doors open at 8am (and after, too). Get a peek at what we saw at the preview here.

7:36am: I'm here!

7:38am: The line is wrapped around the building to Cortlandt Street right now.

7:41am: If I had to guess, I'd say there's more than a hundred people here right now.

7:42am: So far, it's pretty chill right now, but the line is still growing. This is nuts!

7:57am: No movement just yet...

8:04am: Phew, the line is moving. People seem calm, but excited. I moved up about halfway from where I started, but I'm still not close enough to the front to see any security.

8:07am: It's windy and slightly cold — I really wish I had some tea right now! But at least we're moving again.

8:09am: The line is still wrapping from the entrance on Dey Street onto Cortlandt Street — there's maybe 70 or so people who have gotten behind me since I arrived.

8:14am: We're moving again — I just passed the regular entrance to Century 21.


8:17am: Not as much movement now, since so many people are already inside. The very first shoppers are starting to trickle out with small bags.

8:19am: People in the line look really cold!!

8:20am: The line is still growing and moving at about the same rate — so, net-zero effect on how long it actually is.

8:22am: An employee just came out to announce that if you're paying by credit, you need a state ID or driver's license. Wondering if they're having problems inside?

8:23am: Uh oh — someone near me just said she's got a list of what she needs to buy, but no ID. Last year, they accepted her student ID.

8:27am: We just moved...three more feet. It's progress, but it's slow.

8:29am: Passersby keep stopping and asking what's going on every few minutes...


8:32am: If I had to guess, I'd say I'm about 20—30 minutes from getting inside. I'm getting closer to Dey Street, at least.

8:36am: At least the view is pretty cool, but I wish there was more sun here. I'm standing in the frigid shadow of 3 World Trade Center:


8:38am: We just moved again a tiny bit. I haven't seen any shoppers come this way recently.

8:40am: It feels like it's getting colder...I can't feel my toes, and I can see people moving around for warmth!

8:43am: I *think* I'm in the top 25% of the line now. Small victories!

8:53am: I've got no updates for you. We're not moving at all now. It's pretty stagnant and really, really cold.

8:57am: People must really be taking their sweet time inside...

9:00am: Okay, we moved a little bit! Thrilling, I know.

9:01am: It has really slowed. My estimate was so, so wrong.

9:07am: The girl behind me just left!

9:09am: I'm six people away from rounding the corner onto Dey Street, where the distance to the front door is pretty short.

9:11am: Someone in line just said she thinks all that's left are holiday candles! But we're not sure if that's true just yet.

9:17am: I'm still not any closer to rounding that corner!! But the excitement is growing.

9:20am: Just found out that people are exiting on the opposite side, so it's hard to get a sense of when I'll get inside if I don't see people exiting.

9:22am: We're overhearing that "there's nothing left," but I'm not quite sure what that means...

9:23am: The guy behind me is here for his girlfriend — how sweet!!

9:24am: There's way more chatter as we get closer to the door. Also, the breeze is stronger.

9:25am: Apparently, someone waited in line thinking this was the regular line for Century 21 and they needed to make a return *face palm*

9:27am: I just overheard that the first person arrived for the line at 6:30am. [Ed. note: A commenter below arrived at 5:40am, and 22 people were already waiting!]

9:32am: Three more people just went in.

9:33am: I'm the 11th person from the door now.

9:34am: Sixth in line!

9:37am: Two more just went in. Everyone is so anxious!

9:42am: I'm in! Later on, I'll be updating everyone on what's been wiped out this morning. In the meantime, check out what Racked found at yesterday's preview.