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Opening Ceremony Is Collaborating With Pearl River Mart

Opening Ceremony/Facebook

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The Year of China at Opening Ceremony features a surprise New York institution: Pearl River Mart. Opening Ceremony highlights a specific country each year by collaborating with labels from that nation and has timed this release to the Lunar New Year, according to WWD, with a roster that includes Anna Sui and Vivienne Tam alongside the soon-to-be-shuttered emporium known for its affordable Asian-influenced home accessories.

The 15-piece collection with Opening Ceremony is strictly clothing and includes brocade jacquard tank tops, leather slippers, and tee-shirts and sweatshirts with Pearl River's logo. Prices range from $65 for the simple tees to $450 for an embroidered jacket.

Opening Ceremony teased the collab on social media yesterday with an Instagram caption that read: "Pour up, pour it up... It's tea time We made a reservation for tomorrow... Don't be late, we've got some news to share."

Last year, Pearl River Mart announced that it would be leaving 477 Broadway at the end of 2015 because its rent was set to increase fivefold, which immediately sent nostalgia seekers running in for one last look. The last estimates we heard said that the store would close on February 10th, but WWD says that it'll stay until at least the end of the month and might even stay on through March.

"Like most New Yorkers, I get very sad when these staples of New York are being shut down because of of rent hikes," OC co-founder Humberto Leon told the paper. "Everyone from Patricia Field closing or an amazing Jewish deli ... It's like the city needs a great preservation society to maintain them."

Pearl River Mart has operating in New York since 1971. Its e-commerce business will keep running after the physical store closes on Broadway, and the company is reportedly looking into finding a new, smaller space not far away.