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The Bow & Drape Sample Sale Is a Sea of Sequins That Starts at $3

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We like our puns right where we can see them — on our sweatshirts (and our hats, and totes, and tee-shirts, too) — so we popped over to Bow & Drape's Soho studio to check out the brand's first-ever sample sale right when the doors opened at 12pm. We weren't disappointed with what we found, and neither was the crowd of stoked shoppers digging through the clever sweatshirts, printed totes, and more.

The mass of sparkled garb was a bit overwhelming, but we combed the racks and spotted tons of hilariously relatable phrases embroidered on cotton sweatshirts ($20) and tees ($10). We also spotted beanies for $5 and puppy apparel for $8.

If sequins aren't your thing, check out the selection of plain tees and beanies, all for just $3, in the far corner of the space. There was also a small number of plain sweatshirts and some baseball tees. Did we mention the really dope tye-dye shirts ($3)? Check the gallery above for styles and colors available.

There isn't a fitting room here, so if you need to check a size, you'll just have to slip it on over your shirt. The was definitely a crowd, but there wasn't a wait at the door when we left and plenty of items to shop. Hold onto your cash, because this sale is cards only. Check out the Dealfeed below for more on the where and the when.