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The Bogner Sample Sale Is Here to Outfit Your Swiss Alps Vacation

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We checked out the Bogner sample sale that's running through the weekend on West Broadway during last night's preview, where the sales staff was kind enough to let a couple of curious tourists pop in to shop early. You might be a bit overwhelmed with the size of the selection that the European ski-focused brand is offering at first, but once you start going through the racks, you'll realize that there are a lot of repeating styles scattered throughout the men's and women's sections, respectively.

The sale advertises discounts of up to 75% of retail prices, but the overwhelming majority of what we picked up was half-off. It was easy to tell because everything's so well-labeled — each item has a printed tag that shows its original and "outlet" prices, and that outlet price is what you pay. Some tags have a sticker denoting a sample, in which case it's an extra 25% off the outlet price. But with heavy coats that retail at four digits, an average of 50% savings means you'd still be dropping a decent amount of cash.

Since everything is individually marked, you can get the best sense of how much you'll be spending by checking out the gallery above for pricing. As far as sale layout goes, women's merchandise (which is maybe two-thirds of the selection) is on the left-hand side of the sale space when you enter, and men's is on the right, with a small selection of kids' stuff in the back corner. The selection is definitely heavy on heavy coats, but slimmer styles and things more akin to pea coats were also spotted. We didn't notice anything unusual about the sizing — it looked to be a pretty even spread.

You'll also find items like snow pants, sweaters, zip-ups, and even the occasional fancy top — the latter of which had a Sonia Bogner tag — interspersed among the coats. All the way to the right is a row of racks along the wall with just apparel, as well as tables with boxes marked by size holding what appears to be just more of the same apparel, but in plastic bags. This is also where you'll find men's and women's hats and gloves, which, when decked in leather and fur, are still pretty pricey.

Just to the left of the entrance, you'll find a section of current-season merchandise that consists of heavy coats in black and white and pants that look to be denim but upon further inspection are denim-printed snow pants. Sales associates told us that this merchandise is full-price; we noted that these tags still had "outlet" prices listed, but that still put the pants at $1,200 and many of the jackets close to $2,000.

Head to this sale if cold-weather sports are a serious part of your life — and if how you look on the slopes matters, too. Non-ski bunnies might have a difficult time justifying these prices. This sale runs through Sunday; for more information, check out our Dealfeed below.