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The Theory Men's Sample Sale Has Cashmere Joggers for $59

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Theory's men's sample sale is super low-key and and exactly where you want to be if you need to update your wardrobe staples. The sale is happening right now in Chelsea Market, and — sorry, ladies! — this one is just for guys. It was really quiet when we arrived around lunchtime, but we have a feeling that may not last.

Along the far wall, there were a plethora of sweatpants and joggers to choose from in a wide range of sizes. Every style, from the Preston sweatpants in merino wool to the Elk Joggers in cashmere, were marked to $59. In this same area, there was a small rack of leather coats for $399. Here, we found one large Ginley coat that was originally $2,295 and a few sizes in the Volten Jacket, marked down from $2,495.

In the center of the space, you'll find dress pants (all $89) and dress shirts ($69). There's a wide range of sizes available, so you shouldn't have any problems finding the right fit. There are also more coats in the middle too — the heavy outerwear is $259, and lightweight outerwear is all $149. Our favorite here was the Dimpsy jacket in the ranun print ($149). Check out the gallery for more of what we saw.

If you're looking for sportcoats, they're all along the far right wall ($209) and they were pretty much all black, gray, or navy. In the back, near the fitting room, you can find a rack of leather pants and shorts ($199) and a small number of vests as well ($69). As for accessories, you will only find a table full of ties near the register ($49).

We saw the backroom inventory and there is plenty of merchandise left to restock, so don't hesitate to ask if you need another size. This sale ends on Sunday; check out the Dealfeed below for more info.