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Thank Goodness the Dolce & Gabbana Sample Sale Is Amazing This Year

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2013
Dolce & Gabbana fall 2013
Venturelli/Getty Images

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We don't want to play favorites, but Dolce & Gabbana's reemergence on the sample sales circuit is truly something special. We arrived to 317 West 33rd Street a little after 8:30am this morning to find no more than 50 people waiting while VIP shoppers filed out toting the brand's shopping bags.

We weren't sure how much of a discount awaited us on the other side of security — back in 2014, we found prices correlated to how new the merchandise was. We're pleased to report that isn't at all the case here. In fact, when we glanced at the price list, we did a double take to make sure we weren't seeing things. (We would've taken a picture to prove it, but photos were not allowed).

Items are broken into different prices based on its retail sticker. It's pretty straight-forward: if an item retails for up to $100, it's marked down to $10; up to $225, it's $25; up to $330, $50; up to $725, $100; up to $999, $150; up to $1,999, $200; up to $2,999, $300; up to $5,999, $600; and up to $9,999, $1.200. Anything over $10,000 is 80% off its listed price. For what it's worth, we found most of the items to be from fall 2013.

The women's shoes and accessories drew the most attention, with shoppers frantically hoarding boxes and shoving their feet into what they were able to grab a hold of. We spied shoes right off the fall 2013 runway, like bird cage-esque heels for $1,200 (originally $6,900), jeweled flats, $200 (originally $1,370), Mary Jane pumps with bejeweled toes for $200 (originally $1,195), and platform velvet wedges with that same bird cage heel for $300, (originally $2,595).

Plus, we spotted over-the-knee boots for just $200 (originally $1,495), a variety of sandals for $100 (originally $675), and satin pink pumps for $150 (originally $845).

As for the accessories, we found large statement pieces, including necklaces for $150 (originally $812) and earrings for $200 (originally $1,425). Belts of varying widths ranged from $85 to $115. Floral, black, and gray bucket hats were $100 (originally $545). There were also several glasses boxes, $100 (originally $595).

Underpinnings like bras are going for $100 (originally $544), while panties are $50 (originally $255). We noticed quite a bit of bathing suits, too — complete with a plastic case, so you can throw it in your bag wet — for $25 (originally $210).

The most expensive bags are lined on metal shelves behind the sales associates tasked with helping shoppers. On the tables in front of them, however, with the belts, jewelry, hats, and undies, are smaller handbags. Expect to find small crossbody bags for $200 (originally $1,695), a small black knit bag with gold detailing for $200( originally $1,795), and a furry bejeweled clutch for $600 (originally $3,595) among the offerings.

In the women's clothing section, we found more pieces from the fall 2013 runway collection, like a red sequin gown for $1,200 (originally $7,595), a black shag coat for $600 (originally $3,325), and a floral dress with lace sleeves for $300 (originally $2,295).

We also found a  $150 silk blouse (originally $775), a $100 tee-shirt where the D&G logo was made up of red sequins and gems (originally $340), a leather dress for $1,200 (originally $6,125), a tweed dress for $600 (originally $4,495), and definitely one of the cheapest items at the sale, a plain white sleeveless tank for $25 (originally $125).

The sale also includes items for children, men, and your electronic devices — now do you believe us about how good this sale is? The associates that we spoke with were unsure if the sale would be restocked or discounted further, though we wouldn't want to chance waiting that long. Check out the Dealfeed below for more information.