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Unsurprisingly, Canada Goose Went Fast at the Story Sample Sale

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What's at the Story sample sale? Everything. We stopped by the ever-changing boutique's West Chelsea offices (hint: Look for the name "Ironworks" right next to the Tesla showroom) to preview the sale yesterday afternoon and found a setup not dissimilar to what we'd see at the Tenth Avenue store, with fashion and beauty, home, kids' stuff, kitchen goods, books, and more each in their own little dedicated area. It's also not dissimilar to what we've already seen at the Tenth Avenue store, since it's all leftover merchandise from previous "stories."

Okay, first things first: Those Canada Goose coats. They know you really want them, so that must be why you practically crash into the puffer-filled rack right after you walk through the door. It appears to be slim pickings, since what's hanging up is just representational of what's available — but more sizes (and maybe more colors) are stored in bins just underneath. However, we just got word that these are quickly being wiped out, and it's mostly kids' merchandise left; prices for the littlest jackets and vets start at $195.

Elsewhere around the sale, pretty much everything is 50% off its ticketed price unless otherwise marked (which includes rolls of wallpaper for $5 and sheets of astro turf for $20). And if it's not marked, just ask one of the staff members to double-check it at the register.

You can get the best sense of what to expect (and how much you'll pay) by scrolling through the gallery above. Some of our personal highlights included a Soda Stream, a singular pair of M. Gemi heels, the drink accessories in the kitchen section, a Sriracha bottle pillow, and pretty much everything on the candle table. Really, anything here would make a good gift — which is the same thing we say about the boutique itself.

It sounds like this morning's shoppers are hitting this sale pretty hard, but save for the Canada Goose, there's lots of restocking to be done — bags and bins with extra merchandise peeked out from underneath nearly every display table. Check the Dealfeed below for more information about when you can stop by, and we'll keep you updated if any price cuts come along.