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Where's the Line at the Dolce & Gabbana Sample Sale?

Channing Hargrove

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Today's Dolce & Gabbana sample sale shoppers have plenty to be thankful for, like the fact that it has stopped raining and that temperatures don't feel that wintry at all today. Were it the opposite, these factors would only be exacerbated by a huge line outside 317 West 33rd Street, which is a pretty common site outside this sample sale venue — except today, because there really isn't a line just yet.

Racked NY associate editor Channing Hargrove showed up around 8:20am to find a crowd of just 20 or so ahead of her, and there didn't appear to be people waiting inside (though it looks like a VIP pre-sale might be going on right now). As of this writing, there's now about 50 people waiting in the line that's well-maintained by security. So the crowd is growing, but not very quickly.

We have yet to see whether shoppers will be thankful for the merchandise selection (or its prices), but check back on the site later today for a full report from the inside.