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Adore Me Is Opening a By-Appointment Showroom in the Garment District

Photos courtesy of Adore Me
Photos courtesy of Adore Me

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Soon, you'll be able to add Adore Me to the list of places to buy lingerie in New York City. The online subscription service that offers your first matching bra-and-underwear set for $24.95 (and whose ads you've probably seen on Hulu once or five times) is converting a 600-square foot conference room in its Garment District offices into a by-appointment showroom, and it's expected to open during the first week of April.

"Adore Me has been growing super, super quickly," Sharon Klapka, Adore Me's vice president of business and brand development, told Racked during a recent office visit. "I really don't think there's a limit to what we can achieve online, but having said that, we got such an overwhelming response from the pop-up that we realized we really want to interact with our customers offline as well."

That pop-up she's referring to (pictured here) took place at the Hudson Hotel for media and VIP shoppers just before Valentine's Day, and it really served as a test for what Adore Me wants to be IRL. "We never imagined the offline user experience, like hanger appeal," Klapka said, "so we really had to rethink the entire Adore Me experience. How do we take a super-personalized customer experience online and translate it to offline?"


To put it simply, you go back to your roots. "Because we're an online brand, it's very important for us to have that online feeling. [At the pop-up], you had this wall with the sets led a certain way, with pictures of how influencers would wear it. It looked like a Pinterest post, which is really part of the DNA of the brand."

Another integral part of that DNA is finding the right fit without sacrificing your hard-earned cash. I can walk into a lingerie store, drown in a sea of panties and bras, and probably leave with an ill-fitting bra that's not my size and a panty that isn't matching," Klapka continued. Here, a customer will "have this entire experience with someone devoting 30—45 minutes just to you, and the set is going to cost $39.95 for a bra and panty. I think this is something that people in Manhattan can't get anywhere today."


And if Adore Me has its way, this showroom won't be the only place that New Yorkers can experience its services. "The first pop-up was very positive, this is going to be very positive, and it's going to lead us to more" ground-level retail stores around the city, according to founder Morgan Hermand-Waiche.

Can't wait to check it out? Adore Me is already taking appointments ahead of its spring debut.

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