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Cosabella's Sample Sale Prices Are Slashed for Its Final Day (Update)

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Update: As of Tuesday morning, the sale's final day, all sample sale items are an additional 50% off. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery captions above.

Cosabella's winter sample sale kicked off on Saturday afternoon at the brand's flagship store in Soho, and when we stopped by around an hour after the sale started, a line of about three dozen shoppers had already built up — only a limited numbers of customers were allowed in the sale at a given time so that everyone can shop comfortably. Knowing the wait might be long, we saw a store employee offering complimentary bottles of water to make it a bit more tolerable.

The sale was well-stocked at the time, and we found plenty of Cosabella's signature brightly colored lingerie, loungewear, and more. The price list is similar to past season's sales: Prices start at $5 for last-call pieces, and the most expensive items are robes, cardigans, and one-piece swimwear priced at $50.

Lingerie items like soft bras are $30, while bras with wires are $35. Thongs or G-strings are $13, hot pants are $15, and babydolls are $30. See the full price list (and plenty more of what we found) in the gallery above.

Most bras are organized by size — from 32A all the way to 34F for wired bras, or sizes small to large for soft bras — while apparel such as boxers, camisoles, tops, dresses and pants are organized by style on racks (or stuffed in multiple bins under the racks).

There was one bin of soft bras you can look through as well. This makes searching for sizes a bit of a headache, but it might be totally worth it since not all the styles have been hung on racks and you might miss out if you don't have the patience to dig through the bins. A helpful staff member assisted shoppers in searching for styles and sizes( and even helped with bra fittings) while we were there.

There is a rack of comfy CSBLA loungewear and activewear, where we found some cute blue-striped crop tops, heather gray tops, and perforated dresses. Tops are $20 (where short- or long-sleeved), pants are $30, and dresses are $40, and sizes here are mostly smalls and mediums. We suggest looking for tops, dresses, and pants in the bins under the racks to find loungewear that might not be hung up anymore.

This time, there were four $5 last-call bins to sift through but weirdly enough, we didn't see many shoppers taking interest in them. At a quick glance, we spotted various styles of apparel, including tops and jersey dresses; lingerie items panties and lacy babydolls, and even some swim tops.

As if the steep discounts weren't sweet enough, you can get an extra 10% off your purchase if you tag @shopcosabella in your sample sale pic on Instagram. Most shoppers did not miss a beat showing their Instagram post to the cashier to cash in on the savings.

We also learned that shoppers can skip the line and get a complimentary pair of thongs (valued $13) if they bought a $10 ticket for the sale via the Fever app. The app is free, so this is worth it if you know you'll definitely be picking up underwear at the sale.

There are no fitting rooms available for sample sale shoppers, but feel free to strip down on the sales floor, like everyone else. All items are final sale, and the sale runs through tomorrow evening; check out more details in the Dealfeed below.