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There's Plenty of Glitz and Gowns at the Alice and Olivia Sample Sale

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Just how fancy is the Alice and Olivia fancy dress sample sale? Real fancy. We got a preview of the offerings at Century 21's fancy glass-and-concrete annex last night to check out the what the label offering for up to 70% off retail prices, and we found that the selection includes everything from party-ready A-line styles to minimal work-appropriate sheaths, as well as a host of gowns adorned with sequins, sparkles, and general shininess. Have the calculator app handy, since you'll have to do a little math to figure out exactly what you're paying.

As is the case with most of the brand's sample sales, you wouldn't exactly call the prices here "cheap." For example, a full brocade skirt with a matching crop top would set you back nearly $600, leather dresses are about $450, and maxi skirts swathed in feathers were priced upwards of $900. But what you're paying for is the artistry, and you're certainly picking up a work of art if you're getting something here.

On the lower end of the spectrum, we saw sequined blazers for $240, sequined mini dresses for $280 and sequined bustiers for $132 (see a trend here?). Long gowns are about $330, while a long metallic pleated skirt is about $120.

As for accessories, we saw clutches ranging from about $140 to $200, including a cute style that looked like a tuxedo and another that was covered in fur. And speaking of fur, we also saw some fur stoles ($138.25) in several different colors in the area. Click through the gallery option to see a few of our favorites discounted pieces, with prices highlighted in the captions.

There are two dressing rooms on the right side of the store and plenty of sales associates who are more than willing to check for additional sizing. The sale runs through Friday; Check out the Dealfeed below for more details on when you can stop by.