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How to Do Yoga on the Floor of Madison Square Garden

Just replace the hardwood with some yoga mats.
Just replace the hardwood with some yoga mats.

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Thanks to supermodel Heide Lindgren, Rebuild Globally, and Impact Garden, the first-ever yoga session is taking place on the court of Madison Square Garden on Monday, March 7th from 7pm to 8pm — for you and 187 other New Yorkers in search of peace and good karma.

Tickets for the hour-long session led by (yet another) supermodel and yoga instructor Angela Lindvall also include admission to the Global Fashion Exchange clothing swap, a 15-brand artisan marketplace, a Fathom yoga mat that you can take with you afterward, plus a gift bag with goodies from Happy Socks, Fair Vodka, and Brami Beans.

VIP guests will be privy to a lounge with a masseuse, reiki, tahi massage, and energy healer provided by the wellb, a new wellness app, if that's something you're willing to pay extra for. Tickets are available here, so grab yours before they sell out.

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