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At Calypso St. Barth, Samples Start at $15

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It's only 30-something degrees outside, but it's summertime inside the Calypso St. Barth sample sale. It was already pretty busy when we made it to the Soho location little before the 11am start time, where everything was 70% off listed prices and all samples were 80% off the written price — yep, you read that right.

All the dresses were near the door. We spotted everything from the all-white Sastina maxi dress with a crochet top ($150) to the formal Brusse gown with silver sequins ($480). There was a multitude of dress styles — shift, beaded, fringed, embroidered, you name it — in various colors. Nearby is a rack of sample leather jacket starting at $137, and behind the dresses is a table with swimwear (starting at $13) and silk scarves (starting at $60).

All tops and sweaters were on the racks in the center of the store. We spotted lots and lots of beaded and embroidered caftans and tunics, but there didn't seem to be a wide range of sizes or multiples in the same style. A few racks hold basic tanks and tees that start at $15.

Be sure to also check out the rack of sample skirts near the register: There ae some really cool full-length skirts with ruffled tiers in pink and cream ($41) and a suede button-front mini ($38). We only saw sample sizes in the skirts, so double-check the fits before you buy.

Pants and shorts are in the very back with the shoes. Pants start at $33 and came in red, tan, and olive. Shorts came in a variety of prints and materials and start at $17.

This sale is perfect if you're shopping whether you're shopping winter or summer shoes, because both sandals and boots are available. Sandals included gladiator flats ($89) and a pair of fringed leather flats ($164). There was also a pair of embroidered Howsty sneakers in white and navy ($77). They had a good range of sizes and colors in each style.

The home and accessories section was a bit of a madhouse. There are a bunch of pillow covers in various weaves (starting at $74), and if you're looking for a new area rug, you can grab one here for as little as $75.

The bag selection included leather drawstring bags, colorful woven bags, and basket weave totes with colorful poms, all of which start at $15. Be ready to dig if you're here for homewares and accessories — it was super messy with both samples clothes and home goods strewn about

One important thing to note is the lack of a fitting room. There is only one mirror in the home section, so keep that in mind (there was a crowd fighting for views at one point). And since this sale will probably remain busy throughout its duration, make sure you have plenty of time to shop before headed over. Cash and credit is accepted, and you can see the Dealfeed below for more details.