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'Broad City' Takes on New York City Sample Sales

Photos by Comedy Central

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First, Broad City tackled Beacon's Closet. And now, in last night's Season 3 premiere, Abbi and Ilana tackle sample sales. Or, rather, they almost get tackled at a sample sale. The Comedy Central show presented an exaggerated — though not entirely untrue — depiction of shopping at a "warehouse sale," which Abbi attended in the hopes of finding a fancy top for a friend's art gallery debut.

Dedicated sample sale shoppers will immediately recognize the venue as 201 Mulberry Street, whose recent sale events include Mara Hoffman and neighbor Creatures of Comfort. Once inside, the women find a scene just short of chaos, with mostly women and a few men tearing through movable metal racks and cardboard boxes marked with prices like $25 and $50 — punching, hoarding, and mannequin stealing notwithstanding.

"Excuse me, where's the bathroom?" Ilana asks a black-clad sales associate trying to wrestle two shoppers apart. "We don't have bathrooms — we don't even have dressing rooms!" he retorts, before adding "This is a pop-up, bitch." He's attacked by one of the customers moments later.

Abbi eventually finds a snug-fitting top for 90% off that she analyzes in a mirror all to herself (yeah, like that would ever happen) and ends up wearing it out of the store — security tag included — after a customer takes her old, damaged top seen above. "I don't like the energy here," Ilana concludes.

Head here to watch the full episode on Comedy Central; you can fast-forward to the warehouse sale scene right around 6:10. And later in the episode, you can find a cameo from NYC boutique owner Wendy Nichol, who spoke to Vogue about her filming experience ahead of her acting debut.

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