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Ooh, The Diptyque Sample Sale Is Returning to C21 Edition Soon

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Alex Ulreich

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Looking for the latest news on this sale? Head here.

Get ready, people: Fancy French candle brand Diptyque is returning to C21 Edition for its annual three-day sample sale beginning Tuesday, March 1st, Mizhattan is reporting.

The last time we checked out the sale, we found standard candles for $35 and mini candles for $17, with a strict 30-item maximum per customer (only 10 of which could be standard candles) in place. The Baies candles went expectedly fast, but the rest of the products organized by category — candles, body care, perfumes, the 34 collection, and holiday scents — lasted a little longer. There were also a few Byredo items in the mix.

Additionally, large colored candles (300 g) were $48, Ten-candle votive sets were $70, and three-candle votive sets were $45. Five-mini candle sets were $40, and mini Pine ovals were only $10.

We can attest that people go nuts — nuts — for the discounted scented products, but grabbing a few Baies candles for yourself doesn't have to be a daunting task: Revisit our guide to shopping the Diptyque sample sale here, and be prepared for a sizable line.

The sale's hours haven't been announced yet, so be sure to check back here for more details.


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