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Patricia Field Will Be Gone By the End of February

Patricia Field/Facebook

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You've got two weeks to take advantage of the eclectic mix of designers at Patricia Field before the Bowery store closes for good. "Come shop before we close our doors on the 28th of February," reads a Facebook post that was discovered by Bedford + Bowery yesterday amidst the boutique's ongoing liquidation sale. So stop into the store to find pieces by the likes of These Pink Lips, This Is A Love Song, Fernando Garcia, and Pericles Kondylatos at deep discounts right now.

Late last year, the costume designer announced that she would close her iconic boutique in the spring, but in a recent email to loyal clients she wrote that the shutter could come as soon as the end of February, and it turns out the latter is true.

The 74-year-old had admitted to Racked last year that she wanting her life back was the reason that she'd cease retail operations — struggling finances weren't in the mix. "My store increasingly sucked up my time more and more," Field said. "And it's my store so I had to be there, but to the detriment of other things that I wanted to do. I'm wearing myself out...I want to do other things besides be chained to one thing that sucks up all of my time."

Patricia Field

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