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New York City's Sexiest Workouts for Singles and Couples

Where to learn a burlesque routine, pick up pole dancing, or just dance your ass off to a DJ

Getting in the Valentine’s Day spirit doesn’t have to mean drowning in delicious calorie bombs like chocolates and steak dinners. Breaking a sweat by booty-dancing and learning tantric yoga moves can be even more satisfying, and if there’s anywhere that's going to offer myriad sexy workout options, it's going to be NYC.

Read on to find out where to learn a burlesque routine, pick up pole dancing, invest in deep massage skills, or just dance your ass off to a DJ — we’ve nailed down 14 steamy options to get you going this freezing weekend, with or without a partner. You can guarantee your body will thank you for all the love.

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For Couples

Nude York Yoga

This one is solely for the boys, with guys-only classes throughout the week and partner workshops twice a month on Tuesday evenings, and the instruction here focuses on Tantric and Iyengar yoga traditions. Partner massage workshops are designed for couples to help one another move deeper into poses and stretches, so you get closer with your partner and gain flexibility points, too. Classes are $25 each, or $15 with a student ID, and students should bring along their own yoga mats, towels, and water bottles.

12 West 27th Street, Chelsea

Pure Yoga/Facebook

Pure Yoga

Take your person for a hot and steamy yoga experience this weekend. Pure Yoga has a variety of classes in the heat, so you can choose from options like a slow flow, power poses, or a classic Vinyasa. The studio is offering a couples restorative yoga class on the 13th and the 14th, in case you're a little bent out of shape. First-time trial classes are $21 each, or try Yoga for Two for $30 total. Be sure to leave a little extra time before or after class to enjoy the steam rooms and Kiehl's products, by the by.

Locations on the Upper East Side and Upper West Side

AcroYoga at Om Factory

Practice safe partnership by learning the basics of AcroYoga, which ties acrobatics and Thai massage elements into standard poses. With one person serving as base support while the other "flies," these classes support "trust, connection and playfulness," according to the site. The fliers (likely the smaller partner) will be doing inversions and back bends, while the base focuses on core and leg strength. Acrobatic Flying, Thai and Fly, or AcroYoga Flow are all solid intro options, but well-practiced yogis can take their "jedi-level" classes — you're dying to know what a high-flying whale position is, aren't you? Much to learn, you still have. Classes are $18 for a single session, or $45 for an unlimited week.

265 West 37th Street, 17th Fl, Garment District

Photo: Shutterstock

Bold Naked Yoga

If you've always been curious about New York City's notorious naked yoga, here's your chance to find out what it's all about. Men's yoga and co-ed yoga classes are offered, as is "tantric yogassage" for a full-chi opening experience, with both clothed or nude sessions. These classes aren't recommended for beginners. Instructors do incorporate partner touching, but it's non-sexual, people, so keep it together. A private duet naked yoga session is $95 per person, while group classes are $25 each (and if they're clothed, it's $22).

163 West 23rd Street, Chelsea


If you've had a hankering for some sexy nightclub salsa, DanceSport offers 80 group classes each week that cater to dancers of all levels, including those who are starting from scratch — there are five levels according to experience, so you don't have to worry about looking ridiculous next to the Dirty Dancing crews. Salsa, mambo, Argentine tango, swing, ballroom and Latin styles are all offered. Group classes are $35 each, while a bundle of four is $99 and private lessons are $125.

22 West 34th Street, Midtown

For Singles

Strip Xpertise

Strippers catch a lot of flack, but the bottom line is that they have amazing core and arm strength. Strip Xpertise trains to get you at that level: With classes like "Hard-Core Heels" to tighten your midsection and help you pull off the "hottest sex positions," there is no subtlety here. "Core-geous" is a Pilates-style workout, "Splits Strength" focuses on flexibility, and a class called "Booty Jiggle n' Pop" teaches you how to twerk and move that ass. Single classes are $26, but first-timers can get two classes for $39.

Classes are located at Ripley Grier Studios and Pearl Studios, both located in the Garment District.

((305)) Fitness. Photo: Driely S./Racked

((305)) Fitness

High-intensity rhythmic cardio is the name of the game here: ((305)) is named for Miami's area code and boasts a live DJ in every class. Each class temporarily stops the dance party for conditioning that focuses on either arms or legs, and the basics class breaks down the fundamentals so you can get in the rhythm and start looking as hot as you feel. They also offer steamy Vinyasa ("Yoga 4 Better Sex") and a low-impact sculpting class to get your glutes in gear. Dance classes are $32 each, yoga and sculpt classes are $18 each; newcomers can pick up two-for-one deals.

Locations in Greenwich Village and Murray Hill


Moving from subtle sensuality to straight-up sexuality, Shockra offers a variety of dance styles to sweat and perfect striptease movements — try pole dancing (there's variations like "Twerk 'n' Pole" or "Bellydance"), club/hip-hop dance, burlesque, salsa, and plenty of others. You can sign up for a beginner session for any class for $20, so you don't have to walk into a burlesque group session with no idea of what's to come.

114 East 28th Street, #2A, Murray Hill

Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp

This is exactly what it sounds like: Part burlesque class, part strength and flexibility training that will simultaneously get you sweating and teach you a provocative new routine incorporating a chair. Wear sneakers for the cardio portion, but bring heels if you want an extra edge for the routine practice. The workout class is just $15, which is a small price to pay for a very specific (and useful) set of skills. Note that they do a great bachelorette party, too.

151 West 26th Street, 6th floor, Chelsea

Photo: Driely S./Racked

Vixen Workout

The Vixen Workout is a girls-only high-intensity hip-hop cardio party inspired by Miami dance clubs (we're sensing a trend here) that can torch up to 1,000 calories per class — once you get the routines down, that is. And don't we all want to crank up "Partition" on date night and actually have the moves to match? With classes offered at five NYC locations, you're bound to find one near you. Get a five-class package for $85, or start out with a single class for $18.

Class locations include Ripley Grier Studios in the Garment District and PMT Dance Studio in Chelsea.


The Caribbean-inspired dance workout offers students a choice of footwear to bring: Sneakers, heels, or sneaker-heels — "whatever you feel sexy in," according to Brukwine creators Tavia and Tamara. The fitness class adds a party atmosphere with a DJ playing the latest dancehall and reggae hits to back up the total body workout. Beginners are welcome to come try out their signature moves, as are well-practiced dancers.

Classes are offered at Ripley Grier Studios in the Garment District and Dancewave in Park Slope.

AKT inMotion

AKT inMotion offers interval training with dance influences in classes like "Sweat Dream," "One Night Stand," and the beginner "AKTease." If you want to get a good sweat in but aren't about that dance life, "4Play" is all about strength and cardio without the choreography. Want to go with a Valentine this weekend? Tackle HIIT intervals, circuit training, and dynamic stretching together with "Couples 4Play." Classes are $37 apiece (but that can vary depending on when you book), and $25 for first-timers.

Locations on the Upper East Side and Nomad

Body & Pole. Photo: Driely S./Racked

Body & Pole

NYC's biggest pole and dance studio has more than 200 classes every week, from pole fitness to aerial hoop and flexibility training. There are seven poles in each class and a cap of 14 students, so you're going to get the dedicated time you need to learn and practice. Pole classes are separated into five levels, from introductory to advanced. Remember to wear shorts or crop pants to class — exposed skin helps you complete the moves properly. Single classes are $25 for first-timers (and $40 otherwise), and a package of five classes is $99.

115 W 27th St, Chelsea


Qoya translates to "queen" in Quechuan, which is fitting for this very intimate solo exploration. Sessions incorporation yoga ("wise)", dance ("wild") and sensual movement ("free") to complete a sexy trifecta — yoga and dancing open your heart and your hips, while meditation and self-reflection clear your mind.

Classes are offered on Sundays at Sacred Studio and Mondays at Fit4Dance NYC, both in Bed-Stuy