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Physique 57's New Union Square Location Is a Studio Within a Studio

Courtesy of Physique 57

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The number ten must be auspicious for Physique 57. Following its debut in the Financial District this week comes the announcement of its next location, Union Square, right around the company's birthday. "It's our 10th studio and our ten year anniversary," co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi exclusively explained to Racked over the phone earlier this week. It also happens to be a partnership with Peak Performance at their upcoming 90 Fifth Avenue location: Physique 57, along with Strala Yoga, will be located within the gym.

"When [owner Joe Dowdell] called me to explain what he was working on, I thought that they were really the ideal partner," Vaughan Maanavi added. "They have the same philosophy — they're an innovative, very high-quality luxury brand that is client-focused. Even though we offer a different type of exercise, our point of view is the same. While this is a departure from what we've typically done, this would be a very synergistic combination."

But despite the new set-up, clients — who had been asking for a Union Square location — will recognize Physique 57's hallmarks. "It's going to be a very similar experience. It's our same branding, and we have our own front desk there. The only difference is that we share the reception area and we share the locker rooms. But as far as the Physique 57 studio goes, it's the same."

Look for the Union Square studio to debut as soon as late February.

Update: According to an email from Physique 57, Peak Perform is no longer opening in Union Square, and thus their neighborhood location is on hold indefinitely.

Physique 57

90 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA