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The Marissa Webb Sample Sale Is Straight From the Runway, $50 Shoes Included

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The Marissa Webb sample sale is back this weekend at the designer's headquarters just a few blocks south of Union Square, so we stopped by last night's VIP preview to check out the offerings. As expected, this sale is very neatly organized — you'll feel as if you're shopping inside a boutique, except with sample sale prices (also known as the dream). The designer's fashion forward apparel is all under $275, save for leather bottoms.

Clothes are organized by production runs and sample pieces, and respective price lists for each category are posted above each rack across the room. Note that there are some production pieces marked with a green dot on the price tag — those are the "super sale" items, and they're priced at $50.

We quietly skimmed through each rack and found many wardrobe-worthy pieces. In the production area, we loved a cobalt blue Millicent silk dress for $135 (was $625), a lacy black Diana dress for $135 (was $575), a Joseph coat for $200 (was $845), a bright saffron red cocktail dress for $135 (was $698) and a tweed Brighton jacket for $165 (was $498).

In the sample pieces, we found some flowing white silk tops for $85, a tweed combo sweater for $100, and a wool/leather jacket for $150; check these all out in the gallery above.

Sizing is mostly small or extra-small, especially when it comes to samples, but you'll find some mediums and larges scattered throughout the production racks. Most of the sample pieces are small or extra-small as well. There is a dressing room in the back for you to try things on.

If you were looking for outerwear for this season, there isn't a lot to choose from, but you will find plenty of Mallory wool vests for $90 and stylish black blazers ($150—$165) to compensate. There is also large table in the center of the room with neatly folded sweaters for $100 and a variety of jeans for $70.

Unlike previous sales, there are a lot more shoes to pick from, especially when it comes to $50 sample shoes. (We did spot two pairs of worn-out heels segregated to the side on the floor marked at $25). Most of the sample shoes we took a look at were between sizes 38 and 40, but if you have time to flip up each sole, you can find yourself a pair of shoes smaller than size 38.

The sample models include Valentin sandals in black or green and lots of Sofie cut-out shoes in black and white or plain black. For the production shoes, many shoes were also around size 39 and up, but we did find a pair of black Sofie cut-out shoes in size 36 and a red pair in size 38.

We were told that everything was out last night for the preview — there will be no restocking. The sale lasts through Saturday, but we suggest you go as early as possible to get the best picks, especially with the one-off sample pieces straight from the runway. Check out the Dealfeed below for the address and hours.