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Discounts at This Korean Beauty Sample Sale Surpass 70% Off

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If your Korean beauty senses are tingling, that's because Jknlee's first sample sale just jumpstarted in Chinatown. Discounts are upwards of 70% off of retail prices, and a line was already forming down the block before the doors opened a bit behind schedule this morning. Once you're inside, you'll find that the shop is set up in zones, each one with better deals than the last.

The sale is essentially what beauty addicts' dreams are made of. The premium zones boasted Goodal creams and serums in full stock (three for $20) and Gold Snail Hydrogel Masks priced at three for $50 (normally $60 each). The Clio selection did not disappoint, with plenty of Kill Cover foundations ($20), Peripera Tint House sets ($10), and Kill Black Sets ($10). There were also quite a few facial masks from The Qure ($5) and gel facial masks from Ostia ($10). Signage indicates quantity limits on certain products, so be sure to read carefully before stocking up.

In the $5.50 zone, we spied Clio Kill Brown eyeliner sets, Clio Boa Puffs, and Clio Lip 'n' Cure Glass in seven colors. Near the door, there were quite a few TonyMoly Hard Hair gels and Magic Lip Tint Delights in the $3.50 zone. At the end of the table, we found eyeshadows and foundations for just $1.50 each. Check out more of what we found in the gallery above.

The shop space is pretty small, so be prepared for some crowding (and at those prices, possible hysteria) as well as a line outside. Cash and PayPal payments (which basically works the same as a credit card) are accepted. Staff will be restocking with new products along with what's already out on the floor daily, so you might want to stop by more than once; check out the Dealfeed below to see the sale's hours.