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Treadmill-Filled Mile High Run Club Cares About Outdoor Running, Too

Courtesy of Mile High Run Club

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The treadmill-based fitness studio Mile High Run Club got 2016 off on the right foot (sorry, couldn't resist) with the opening of its Nomad studio at 24 West 25th Street on January 2nd. Gym buffs probably recognize the address — it housed another treadmill-based studio called TheRun until this fall, when MHRC took over. The acquisition included not only the physical location, but also staff members, including Olympian and world-class trainer John Henwood, who's now lead the outdoor running program.

It might seem counterintuitive for a gym that's filled solely with treadmills to be encouraging people to run outside, but anyone who's preparing to enter a race in the coming months knows the importance of hitting the road (no matter the temperature). That's why there's a 12-week training program for those looking to do a half-marathon and a 16-week one for marathoners, both of which include two outdoor group runs per week that leave from the studios, plus a prescription for strength training.

Sign-ups for the 16-week program end today, but you've got a bit more time to decide whether you want to take on the 12-week one, since that deadline isn't until the 19th. For more information, head here.

Mile High Run Club

24 W 25th St, New York, NY 10010, USA