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Etsy Opens IRL Shop Within Macy's Herald Square

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And so it begins. Etsy will stage an IRL store inside of Macy's Herald Square on its Millennial-focused floor, according to WWD. It opens today with 57 products in the jewelry, stationery, and housewares categories, and its theme will be refreshed every two months.

Right now, shoppers can expect to items falling under the "New York" theme from Etsy sellers like Debbie Lee of Penelope's Press and Aimée and Sara Schiwal of Hook & Matter. Plus, it'll include a series of Macy's exclusive items from Soledad Proano of Sol del Sur, Naomi Singer of Modern Mud — she created a ring dish that says "I Love New York" for $42 and watercolor images of the skyline — and Meera Patel of Meera Lee Patel, the paper noted. All of the artists, save for Lee, are New Yorkers.

"The design team at Etsy, in collaboration with Macy's, worked hard to bring Etsy's brand into the space as well. We actually sourced all of the risers and tabletop fixtures from Etsy sellers," Dana Mauriello, director of seller category growth at Etsy, told WWD of the 28 different sellers who provided the fixtures for the shop's display.

Macy's is by far the biggest retailer that the online marketplace has collaborated with; it's previously inked in-store deals with West Elm, Nordstrom, and Lou & Gray, and is currently expanding onto Whole Foods shelves. Both Macy's and Etsy have yet to decide if this venture should have a permanent presence in the department store.


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