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Inside American Two Shot's Eclectic, Vintage Mega Sale (Update)

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Update: This sale's been extended through Sunday, February 7th. Our original report appears below.

Update: For the sale's final weekend, prices have been marked down an additional 20% off what's listed on price tags.

We popped in to the American Two Shot mega sale at 135 Grand Street right as it kicked off this morning at 11am. The vintage-eclectic selection has plenty of clothing that's up to 80% off original prices, as well as a decent selection of shoes and jewelry.

Sale merchandise is towards the back of the room, past the coffee counter. There are racks of sweaters, tops, tee-shirts, and skirts in the center of the space. There is a rack of vintage tee-shirts that are all priced at $20. These felt very thrift store-y, and we saw a black style with colorful peace sign graffiti marked down from $45, and an Ocean City shirt marked down from $65.

To the right are the racks of sweaters and tops. A gray v-neck sweater by American Retro stood out, as did a white Rachel Antonoff sleeveless top ($80) and an Alice McCall dynamite-print short sleeved button down ($80).

Dresses are hanging along the right-hand wall. There's a good range of styles and sizes, but overall it's not an amazing selection. A black lace style by To Be Adored ($60) had a lot of stock, as did a bright teal super low V-neck dress by AQ/AQ ($90). Favorite styles included a long-sleeved floral Samantha Pleet romper ($204) and a navy and white polka dot dress by To Be Adored with a layered collar ($60).

There are more dresses on racks in front of the dressing rooms, as well as a few styles of faux fur coats to the left. A long blue style by To Be Adored ($417) can't be missed, and is pretty well-stocked.

Shoes are in the back right-hand corner, right in front of the dressing rooms. There are about ten styles on sale, and we liked black fruit-printed sandals by Miista London, as well as the brand's green textured leather oxfords. We didn't see any price tags on the shoes this morning because sales staff was still in the process of marking items.

Men's apparel is hanging along the left-hand wall. We liked a crisp black peacoat by BLK DNM ($300), Timo Weiland black jogger pants, and a Wood Wood graphic t-shirt ($52.50).

Women's pants and skirts are across from the men's clothing, towards the center of the sale space. Whit black and white printed pants ($177) stood out, as did a pink crepe style by Kaelen ($247). There are a few pairs of shorts, and we liked a black leather pair with lace trim at the legs by Shakuhachi ($172). Skirts were fairly underwhelming, but a moon print mini skirt by Whit ($147.50) stood out and had lots of stock.

Jewelry in the display case is all 30% off its original prices and consists of a mix of odd, cool, and elegant pieces — check them out in the gallery above. There are a few styles of bags next to the jewelry, like a Lazy Oaf X Casper clear backpack that's marked down to $15. We were also taken with a crossbody bag in the shape of a pharaoh's head (price wasn't marked at the time).

We heard whispers of more markdowns later in the week, but there was no mention of stock being replenished so it may not be worth it to wait. The sale runs through Monday Sunday, February 7th during regular store hours.