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Soulcycle Prices Are About to Increase in New York City

Alexandra Tamargo/Getty Images

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If you're committed to a Soulcycle habit, then you're already okay with parting from a significant amount of disposable income to attend multiple classes a week. New York City's classes are the most expensive in the country at $34 per ride (or a few bucks less if you're buying in bulk) — but according to an email that the company just sent out, rockstars will have to shell out a little bit more.

"New York State is now mandating that SoulCycle and other similar businesses in New York City collect a 4.5% New York City sales tax," the email reads. "Starting Tuesday, February 1, 2016, a $1.53 sales tax will be added to the purchase of a single $34 SoulCycle class in NYC, with all of the tax going directly to New York State." It does not specify whether this tax applies to class packages.

Likeminded studios have previously adjusted their prices, too. Since you've got a few days until the new prices go into effect, you might want to stock up now.

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