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The Dennis Basso Sample Sale Is Really, Really Expensive (Updated)

John Lamparski/Getty Images

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Update: The Dennis Basso sample sale is now a little bit less expensive. The sale host sent an email this morning that prices have been reduced on clothing, gowns, and select furs, but did not give any further information about the markdowns. Original prices are reflected in the report below.

The ridiculously extravagant Dennis Basso sample sale finally opened its doors on Monday after being postponed for two days due to winter storm Jonas with racks and racks of fur and gowns. We popped into the sale venue (where no photos were permitted) just after 4pm yesterday as the after-work crowd began to file in to check out what was on offer — and just how many coats had price tags higher than our monthly rent. Spoiler alert: The answer is a lot of them.

The racks, what we overheard a sales associate refer to as separated by mink, chinchilla, and sable land, are on the left side of the room in various styles: long ($14,000) to cropped ($8,000), boleros ($8,400) to capes ($15,000), and too many vests ($6,775) too count. We also found matching mink maroon and pink pants ($2,240) and vest ($1,400) combos, shearling coats ($695), and really long vests ($7,875) among the sale's selection.

Next to the coats, you'll find an assortment of fur accessories and home goods like pillows ($380), teddy bears ($995), scarves ($240), overnight bags trimmed with fur ($4,950), and hats ($2,850). There is also a variety of necklaces ($450), belts ($400), handbags ($495), and fur boots ($980). And for the little ones, we spotted a rack of children's fur coats. Each of the pieces we picked up were priced between $1,800 and $2,870.

On the left side of the room, you'll find racks of gowns from past seasons' collections up to a size 16. Occasionally, there are photos of the gown taped to the rack from the collection, or the ad the dress was featured in. A few standout pieces included a long red lace gown ($1,950), a black and white knit jacket ($11,250), a cropped croc jacket ($16,500) and a matching skirt ($10,500). One of the cheapest things we found? A silk blouse priced at $350.

Because of the postponement, this sale has been extended through Friday. Check out the Dealfeed below if you're planning on stopping by before then.