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12 Seasonless Picks From NYC Boutiques' End-of-Season Sales

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Just because the snow is over doesn't mean that heading out to shop all the good end-of-season sales is a breeze right now — have you seen those slushy street corners? So it's a good thing that a handful of our favorite boutiques have a healthy selection of discounted merchandise on shelves both physical and virtual.

In the gallery above, we've picked out our favorite finds from A. Cheng, Assembly New York, Bird, Electric Feathers, French Garment Cleaners, In Support Of, The Rising States, and Swords-Smith — all of these stores have a sale section in person and online. Discounts reach all the way up to 70% off at select locations, like Bird and Swords-Smith. At Electric Feathers, you just need to enter the code WINTER50 to take half off the listed price.

Note that not everything will cross over between the online and brick-and-mortar offerings; the picks presented here were pulled from e-commerce. The best way to make sure that you don't miss anything? Shop them both.