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Everything at the Amazing AYR Sample Sale Is $50 or Less

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If there's one thing you need to know about the AYR sample sale, it's this: Go right now. The online-based womenswear brand is hosting its first-ever event like this in its Chelsea offices — right across from its Guideshop — until 6pm this evening, and prices are even better than we imagined: Nothing is over $50, and samples are going for $5 (yes, including its awesome denim, which is typically priced at $150 or above).

Here's the pricing breakdown: Shorts are $20, shirts are $25, sweaters are $30, dresses are $40, and jeans and outerwear are $50. Samples aren't the only thing priced at $5 — that's what tee-shirts and sweatshirts are going for, too.

You'll find these prices posted on boxes scattered throughout the office, as well as on the walls, too. Put your cell phone in your pocket and finish your to-go coffee before you get inside, because you'll want both hands free for digging. A lot of the items are in plastic bags, so you'll have to pull them out to get a good look.

Much of what you'll find are true samples, as denoted by huge tags. And luckily, not everything is a size small (or smaller), and some of the items in the sample pile that were marked as small didn't look true to size. Outside of the sample merchandise is a good range of sizes as well, though we didn't see too many pairs of jeans sized 29 or above. Often, you'll find a lot of one product in a particular size, like an entire box of coral sweaters. Check out the gallery above for an idea of what you'll find.

There's an incentive to buy more, since staff will take 10% off your entire purchase if you're buying at least five items and 20% off if it's ten items are more. There's just a single mirror in the room, and there really isn't a discreet place to try on clothes, though you could ask if you can use the dressing room within the Guideshop.

Remember that this sale only accepts credit cards and ends at 6pm tonight, so you've only got a few hours left to shop as of this writing — don't expect further markdowns or restocking to come during this time. Check out the Dealfeed below for the address.