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Jaden Smith Gave Bushwick High Schoolers His Old Clothes

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Jaden Smith — rapper, actor, Louis Vuitton model, and Drake muse — stopped by the Bushwick high school Academy of Urban Planning yesterday to give away clothing to the students, Bushwick Daily discovered.

We can assume Will and Jada's son was just doing his part to relieve those "kids who go to normal school" who are "so teenagery, so angsty" with his wares. And given Smith's penchant for wearing things like dresses (sometimes sans pants) and superhero costumes — and maybe some freebies from with his new job shilling for Louis Vuitton — we'd be willing to bet his clothes are way better than the rags in most people's donation piles.

He thanked the school for being such a generous host on Instagram:

Shouts Out To Bushwick's Academy For Letting Me Visit And Give Away Clothes

A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

Feeling inspired? You can give away your clothing, too, though it probably won't be covered by the press. The Department of Sanitation and Housing Works will come pick them up for you, taking away reason whatsoever to return to high school.