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Spa Castle Premier 57 Adds Rooftop Pools to 'Mesmerize You'

Spa Castle Premier 57/Facebook

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Spa Castle Premier 57 — or what a wellness-themed Manhattan Disneyland might look likefinally added those rooftop pools that were promised before its opening, Bedford + Bowery discovered, just in time for the arrival of true winter weather.

According to its website, there are a few different hydrotherapy pools that you can try: A function tub that will massage your back and thighs with powerful jets; a 102-degree "hot event tub" that helps to reduce blood sugar levels, resulting in increased blood circulation and flow; and lastly, three "couple's tubs" for lovebirds that are perked up with aromatherapy bath salts.

Don't overlook that all three of them have the power to "mesmerize you" with their "breathtaking view of the Manhattan skyline," too.

But also, remember to spa at your own risk: The health department shut down this outpost for operating without a permit and a safety plan just one month after the initial opening, and it didn't reopen until the summer. There was also that fatal incident at the Queens location just over a year ago.

If bopping from rooftop pool to rooftop pool in below-freezing temps isn't your thing, there's still a maze of indoor treatments, like a Himalayan salt room or an ice igloo, to take advantage of.