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Leather Animals, Paper Chanel Bags, and More From Bergdorf Goodman's Prop Sale

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The best part about the Bergdorf Goodman prop sale taking place in Long Island City right now is the fantasies you'll conjure about just where that oversized fiberglass elephant will sit in your apartment. The worst part about the Bergdorf Goodman prop sale is that the fantasy is probably as far as it'll go — a lot of the best stuff has already been claimed.

Once you get off the 7 train to 33rd Street and walk the three avenues to the sale, head up the stairs and snake through a hallway crammed with presidential portraits and cordoned-off entrances to various prop rooms ("Asia" and "The Americas" were among the labels); paper signs will guide you. Past the desk of helpful associates ready to handle purchases and shipping logistics is the most fun part of the sale, much of it from the "Carnival of the Animals" holiday window displays in 2011. That includes leather animals standing at least a few feet tall and some new papier-mâché friends — check them out in the gallery above.

Most of the sale area is dedicated to vintage chairs, and other pieces of furniture, including a mahogany desk set from Mr. Goodman's office that's valued at $17,000. We didn't spot the Hermès leather cabinet or Chanel side chairs advertised, but there are still plenty of pieces that collectors will be interested in picking up.

If they still can, that is — so much of what's out on the floor (and in the gallery above) has already been sold. You can tell if it has a red tag on it, or a piece of paper with shipping information. Regardless, it's pretty fun to look, and we hear that it'll be restocked throughout the weekend. See the sale location and hours in the Dealfeed below.