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The Rag & Bone Sample Sale Is Still Well-Stocked Going Into the Weekend (Update)

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Update: Prices have dropped an additional 15% for the sale's final days. Original sale prices are reflected below and in the gallery captions above.

We dropped by Chelsea Market for day three of the Rag & Bone sample sale just after the doors opened at 10:30am this morning to survey the how many of our opening day picks remained. The verdict? Practically all of them. We arrived to find the racks well-stocked with tons of silk, leather, and outerwear, so if you have dreams of wearing fancy silk pajamas as an outfit (toughen up the silk pants with a leather jacket and add heels — you're welcome), this sale is for you.

We spied shoppers paying particular attention to the offering of silk dresses ($150), blouses ($100), camis ($100) and skirts with lace detailing ($125), patterned pants ($125), and shorts. The table in the center of the room with women's knits ($135) looked ravaged, but certainly not running low, and options on the outerwear racks ($215) options were quite plush as well. There are still plenty of tee-shirts ($30), too.

We also noticed most customers congregating in the back of the sale by the registers, looking over the selection of shoes and boots ($225). Like the clothing, there appeared to be a wide range of sizes left. Bags were also plentiful, as was the sample section on the right side of the room that's housing the some of the cheapest items in the sale — we found leather pants ($200), tee-shirts ($30), and shirts ($50). Click through the gallery above to see a few of the items we saw.

The men's section appeared to be virtually untouched as well, and as of yet, none of the merchandise was marked down. A sales associate we spoke with wasn't sure when the items would be discounted any further, if at all. The sale runs through Monday; Check out the Dealfeed below for more details.