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Bergdorf Goodman's Furniture, Crazy Window Props Are Up for Grabs This Weekend

A window from Bergdorf's 2015 holiday display
A window from Bergdorf's 2015 holiday display
Khushbu Shah

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The end-of-season sale going on at Bergdorf Goodman right now isn't the only way you can pick up something from the department store for much less than the asking price. Starting tomorrow, you can head to Long Island City to browse and buy gently-used furniture and pieces from its past window displays.

Modern Design Market, which hosts overstock and floor sample sales from a variety of high-end furniture and home designers, has gathered up a bunch of pieces shown at the corner of Fifth and 58th over the years for this "visual vault sale," including an Hermès leather cabinet ($1,499, from $8,000) and Chanel side chairs ($199, from $1,000). Jewelry cases, porcelain china, rugs, and "life-sized animal figures" will also be in the mix, so start making some space in your apartment now. (You don't really need that couch, do you?)

Check out the sale specifics, including dates and hours, in the Dealfeed below.