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Tictail Reopens as a Permanent Store, Wants to Draw You Nude

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After two seasons of successful holiday pop-up shops on the Lower East Side, online marketplace Tictail has reopened its doors at 90 Orchard Street as a permanent location to continue to introduce customers to emerging fashion, home decor, jewelry, and art designers from all over the globe.

"From day one we've sought to bring together a community of amazing local brands from around the world, and give them the tools to build global businesses," co-founder Carl Waldekranz wrote in a press release announcing the opening. "Tictail Market will be an immersive experience, a touchpoint for New Yorkers to explore and engage with the incredible stories behind each and every Tictail entrepreneur."

Shoppers will have the chance to browse a rotating selection from local small business owners, take in the "Tictail Mural on Orchard Street" that'll display a new artist every month, and participate in store events — if you're comfortable, that is. The first one, "Get Nude. Get Drawn." is a one-night exhibition where volunteers will pose nude for a marathon drawing session. You can sign up online to participate beginning Saturday, January 16th to save your spot for the event on the 28th.


90 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002, USA