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Brooklyn Fox's Founder Is Creating the Ideal Lingerie Shopping Experience

The Cobble Hill store at 177 Court Street
The Cobble Hill store at 177 Court Street
Rebecca Jennings

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"I wanted to focus on the lingerie business. That's what I've been doing well for eight years." That's what Brooklyn Fox Lingerie owner Lexi Isadora told Racked when chatting about the future of her stores. The past few months have perhaps been her busiest yet: The ready-to-wear store, simply known as Brooklyn Fox, closed a couple of weeks ago, just as she was gearing up to open a second lingerie location in Cobble Hill. And now we've learned that the Williamsburg lingerie branch will shift to the now-vacant 200 Bedford Avenue, a much bigger space in which Isadora can execute her grand plans.

"I think we just outgrew the Mini Mall" on Fifth Street, she explained via phone. "It was a great space...but it's been a little challenging to expand our size range. We already go up to an F, [but] we'd love to do much more than that. We want to do maternity." Plus, extra space will allow her to create the "luxury lingerie experience" she's dreamed of providing to Brooklyn women, complete with champagne and chocolates.

"If you can only afford to be in a 300-square foot location, there's only so much luxury you can offer," she continued. "We'd love the dressing rooms to be bigger — in Williamsburg [right now], they're so tiny and there's no room to make them bigger," part of something she described as "the perils of owning a business in New York."

While that experience is set up in Williamsburg, shoppers can check out these features in the new Cobble Hill store at 177 Court Street, which Isadora says could open as soon as tomorrow. "We notice that a lot of our customers who have been with us for awhile moved to Cobble Hill, so it was the next obvious move," she said, citing that plenty of loyal fans were still trekking back to Williamsburg for their favorite pieces."We're really honored that people would bother to commute to shop."

Brooklyn Fox Lingerie

177 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA