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Sugarfina, Makers of Candy for Grown-Ups, Will Open Two NYC Stores

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If your sole issue with shopping at Dylan's Candy Bar was the prevalence of small children, great news: Crain's reports that Sugarfina, an LA-based company that specializes in "candy for grown-ups," will open two NYC stores this fall. One's located in the Time Warner Center, and the other is coming to the equally adult-y Madison Avenue.

With a vibe that's much more Sockerbit (the minimalist, Swedish candy store in the West Village) than the rainbow-hued, tourist-replete Dylan's, Sugarfina sells a "curated, focused" selection of candy including absinthe chocolate cordials, champagne gummy bears, and yogurt-filled "fruit pillows," many of which are imported from small factories in Europe. And as one would expect, they're certainly not cheap, with a small gummy tasting box costing $25. Until the stores open later this season, you can preview the sweet selection here.

Time Warner Center

10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019