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The Barre Class for Your Butt Is Coming to Nomad Next Month

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A photo posted by Pop Physique (@popphysique) on

We finally know where Pop Physique's first NYC studio will be. The LA-based barre studio — which stands apart from the rest of the city's similar mini-chains with super-sexy, American Apparel-esque branding and merchandise with sayings like "Barre Whore" — announced that it would be landing in NYC back in May, and now we know that it'll open in Nomad next month.

Slated for the first week in October, Pop Physique will be located inside "two classrooms in a 1920s building reimagined with black-and-white graphic flooring," reports Well + Good, adding that the official address won't be revealed until closer to opening day. The chain also has plans to expand further in Manhattan and eventually into Brooklyn.

What'll draw barre converts away from their usual studios and into Pop Physique? "We speak to a younger demographic than our competitors — cool, stylish, urban women," co-founder Jennifer Williams told the publication. "It's not so fitness-y; we attract a lot of people that don't typically like to work out." Sounds good to us.