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Chelsea Market's Latest Sample Sale Has Fall Glory for 70% Off

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Even at 9:30am, we weren't the first to arrive at Chelsea Market's latest sample sale this morning. The sale host let us in an hour before the doors opened this morning to peruse the Trina Turk, Bonobos, and Will Leather Goods selections, and many customers in search of fall jackets and comfy sweaters for up to 70% off retail prices were already lining up outside. In short, this is a great sale: The styles are current, clean, and heavily discounted.

Despite the racks and racks of men's and women's clothing taking over the majority of the space, your eyes are first drawn to the bags. In the right-hand corner sits leather in every shape, like totes, briefcases, backpacks. Each is labeled with its retail and sale price, as are the makeup pouches and smaller clutches located in the opposite corner. In general, these unisex items are up to 60% off — check them out in the gallery above.

For the rest of the sale, it's pretty bluntly split down the middle, with both men's and women's styles going for up to 70% off. To the right is men's clothing, with colorful Bonobos knits ($19), pants ($39), sweaters ($35), and woven shirts ($29) leading into the Mr. Turk section with many of the same styles, just arguably more muted. For both brands, it's a good sale for being a size medium: while each has pieces ranging from small to XXL, the majority of the selection is found in the middle.

For women, there's a huge selection of Trina Turk options lining the walls and back room. Find dresses and jumpers for $59, blouses for $39, sweaters for $59, skirts and pants for $45, jackets and blazers for $69, and shorts for $35.

There were a few smaller and more specialized sections to be found as well. Leather skirts, pants, jackets, dresses, and blouses ranged from $85 to $119. The activewear rack has black leggings and colorful shorts for $25, and all shoes (about three or four styles of sandals) were $59. For each section, sizes were pretty diverse, but petites will have the most to choose from.

The venue has a fitting room for both men and women, and they're definitely restocking until the final day this Sunday. Whether discounts are coming, however, is unknown. If you can brave the inevitable crowds, it doesn't hurt to stop by more than once to see if you can pick up some last-minute deals. See the hours and dates in the Dealfeed below.