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Important Condé Nast Cafeteria Update: It's Slightly Better Now

Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week.
Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week.
Driely S.

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Condé Nast staffers now have one less thing to complain about. Their cafeteria, which employees were once mandated subtly encouraged to Instagram, is improving, the New York Times reports. Instead of old Flavia packets and that buttered popcorn smell, there's now reportedly "bowls of quinoa, pan-seared salmon, a raw food bar and baskets of peaches and pears."

There are even a few decent lunch spots that have emerged since the company made the move to One World Trade Center last year that provide an alternative to the $20 salads at Brookfield Place, including the Palm, The Odeon, and the Smyth Hotel.

The paper does report, however, that "those who are lower on the mastheads content themselves with the food court at the nearby Brookfield Place mall." At least said lower masthead drivel still have those baskets of peaches. Must be nice.

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