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At the Paul Smith Sample Sale, Accessories and Home Goods Are Going Fast

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After just five minutes at the Paul Smith sample sale over on 151 Wooster Street, which we browsed this morning before it opens to the general public at 3pm, it's clear it has everything you could possibly ask for. Fall styles? Check. Decent size selection? Check. Astronomical discounts? Super check.

Walking in, you could easily mistake the sale space for a regular retail store. The stock is clean and well-organized, split into easily manageable sections. To your left you'll find women's shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, and knitwear for up to 85% off — for instance, a black blazer that retails for $1,510 is knocked down to $220. Sizes looked to range from EUR 38 to EUR 44, with decent stock for each.

To the right of womenswear sits a long table of shoes that are all gloriously on trend, with neutral sneakers and boots alongside bright pumps and heels. While the exact discount is unclear, it's hard to say no to dress shoes for only $125.

When you venture further back, things get a little crazier. Menswear lines the perimeter, starting with jackets, blazers, and dress pants. There's also cozy knitwear that, for only $90 apiece, could easily work its way into a women's closet.

In the midst of this are shelves of homeware and books. Prices are dictated by a color-coded sticker system, but they never rise above $40. For the most part, you'll find fun trinkets, like the toad mug pictured in the gallery above, for only $5.

Adjacent to the homeware sits bins and bins of accessories. That's socks, bags, belts, and anything else you're lucky enough to find if you can push past the eager crowd of rummagers — they aren't unmanageable, but it does make you want to stick to the calmer section of clothes in the front. However, if you're up for the dig, you can score large bags for $200 and hats for $35.

While there are some pieces in the sale that you won't be able to break out until summer, it's worth scooping them up now — and fast. Sales associates were somewhat vague about the possibility of restocking or further discounts. For the most part, the answers were based on "how everything goes." Long story short: keep checking back. See the Dealfeed below for the times you can stop by.