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The Museum at FIT's Next Exhibit Is a Deep Dive into Denim

Driely S.

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You probably don't think much more about the jeans you throw on most days than whether you should wear the ones with deliberate holes in the knees or those new flares, but the Museum at FIT is preparing to take a serious look at the beloved fabric. The school has announced that its next exhibit will be titled Denim: Fashion's Frontier, and it's set to debut on December 1st.

The display will cover denim's chronology from its origins as work wear (pre-Levi's, even) during the Gold Rush Era to today's high-fashion iterations, and cover everything in between, like its stint as prison garb and naval uniforms, its mid-century popularity due to both Rosie the Riveter and Western film icons, and a certain Calvin Klein ad featuring Brooke Shields.

Expect to see more than 70 examples on display, including pieces from the museum's archives that have yet to be exhibited and newly acquired pieces from the recent runways of  Dries Van Noten, Sacaï, Ralph Lauren and more. And though it wasn't specifically mentioned, let's pray that Britney and Justin's (in)famous VMA outfits will be there, too.

Since there's still a few months until Denim: Fashion's Frontier debuts, you can check out the museum's examination at global fashion weeks and celebration of Susanne Bartsch in the meantime.

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